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Agreements between RROs

1. IFRRO Headings and Toolkits for Agreements between IFRRO members
The Headings for an agreement between RROs is a list of items that RROs might want to include in agreements with each other. This is no template agreement. The headings aim to assist RROs without limiting them to any particular outcome in their negotiations with each other. RROs might use the Headings for an agreement between RROs as a starting point, taking guidance from the Code of Conduct and the REM. The accompanying Toolkit contains explanations, background information and drafting tips as well as examples of individual clauses that RROs can take inspiration from in their drafting.

The goal is to facilitate cooperation in a diverse environment assisting RROs to be flexible to react to market needs.
The Headings point out crucial issues to discuss, but do not prescribe particular outcomes or structures of the agreements between RROs.

The items are 
      (i) Parties; 
      (ii) Authorisations (licences/exceptions, material, uses, user groups, territories); 
      (iii) Pricing/Tariff; 
      (iv) Mechanisms; 
      (v) Information on the payment (how, when, etc.) and deductions and 
      (vi) General clauses.

The guiding principles for the Headings are the IFRRO Principles for the Operation of Digital Repertoire Exchange Mandates (REM) and the Criteria for Bilateral Negotiations.

1. Headings for agreements between RROs (pdf)
2. How the REM are reflected in the Headings for agreements between RROs (pdf)
3. Toolkit for agreements between RROs (pdf)  

2. Base lines for exchange of mandates between IFRRO members
Coming soon

3. Samples of digital bilaterals entered into by IFRRO members 
Download Digital Bilateral Agreements entered into by IFRRO members. All documents are saved as pdf-files.