Benefits of Membership

IFRRO is the leading and often the only body on an international level that fosters and provides information on reproduction rights and the collective management of such rights in the print media sector. It is therefore the preferred source of information and co-operation partner for international intergovernmental bodies and organisations. This includes peak bodies such as UNESCO and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) with which IFRRO enjoys NGO status and has an agreement on co-operation on inter alia copyright awareness and enforcement and the building of collective management structures. IFRRO also works with the European Union, CERLALC, ARIPO and SADC. In its field, IFRRO is the preferred partner and information provider also to national stakeholders and governments. This enables IFRRO to influence on national legislation and the establishment of rights holder associations as well as compliant collective management organisations worldwide.

RRO membership in IFRRO therefore provides

  • International recognition and standing. Being a member of IFRRO means that the international community of RROs and rightsholders associations recognise the RRO. This leads to increased legitimacy to the work of the RRO, both nationally and internationally.
  • International repertoire of works and rights. RROs in membership of IFRRO enter into bilateral and multilateral arrangements with each other. This enables them to administer the rights of foreign rightsholders and offer to users access to a more complete portfolio of works, at the same time as it ensures the administration, protection and collection of revenues through compliant licensing bodies when the works of their mandators are used abroad.
  • Conferences and Training. IFRRO offers and participates in numerous workshops and other activities in the copyright field and offers assistance and training for professional development. In this context IFRRO is also a link into a co-operation with peak bodies such as WIPO and UNESCO on training and education of RRO personnel.
  • IFRRO Project loans. IFRRO members may on the basis of a business plan apply for loans to establish RROs.

 IFRRO membership further provides access to

  • Global network. IFRRO enables the Members ? RROs as well as creators? and publishers? associations - to interconnect, to share information and collaborate. IFRRO promotes international cooperation, research and development in various fields of activity relating to copyright and the collective management of reprography. Through its various regional committees, technical working groups and fora, IFRRO keeps its Members regularly informed on the most important trends corresponding to their field of activity.
  • Partnerships. IFRRO cooperates with partners active in Intellectual Property such as intergovernmental bodies (WIPO, European Union, UNESCO, Council of Europe, etc.) and international federations in the field of copyright, e.g. CISAC. IFRRO is involved in their activities wherever beneficial to its members. These activities often also involve the cooperation of local IFRRO Member organisations.
  • Information Services. On the IFRRO website and intranet service Members find a wealth of information such as newsletters, manuals, model contracts, publications- and studies containing useful, relevant and up to date information and resources.
  • Local support. While IFRRO always respects local sovereignty and does not intervene directly in the relationship between its Members and the individual governments, it is a source of information, advice and support. On request it provides expertise to its Members and their governments and exercise through these activities influence on national legislation.