CEDRO launches online workshop on intellectual property for teachers in Madrid

On 21 March, CEDRO and NBC Universal, launched an online workshop on intellectual property for elementary and high school teachers in Madrid. The workshop aims to raise awareness about the general principles of intellectual property and their implementation in the class room. The workshop will be offered to teachers in Madrid for the scholar period 2017-20018.

The main objectives of the workshop is to train teachers so they can work respecting the existing legislation; encourage best practices on intellectual property in the schoolrooms; and to generate among students the knowledge, behaviour and skills needed to learn responsibly by respecting creation.

Jorge Corrales, new General Director of CEDRO, highlighted the importance of the joint work of the educational sector and the publishing industry to provide solutions for the management of contents and information in the schoolroom. In this way, the solutions will be respectful of intellectual property.

More information (in Spanish) is available here