Copyright Agency and Viscopy to merge

Copyright Agency and Viscopy announced that after a five-year ‘Services Agreement’ between the two rights management organisations, a merger will be completed by the end of 2017. 

The merger will be subject to the approval of the Australian Supreme Court, the Australian corporate regulator ASIC and the membership of both organisations of over 43,000 members, ranging from visual artists and illustrators to journalists, cartoonists, surveyors, educational authors and publishers,. 

Once the merger is completed, Copyright Agency will create a new class of membership, ‘visual artist’, for Viscopy’s approximately 13,000 visual arts members. Those members will be able to elect a new Visual Arts Director to the Copyright Agency Board.

Tim Denny and Kim Williams, Chairs of Viscopy and Copyright Agency respectively, see the merge as an opportunity to better represent and compensate visual artists in Australia and New Zealand.