Copyright Agency hosts the Japanese Copyright Agency for an international study 

The Copyright Agency (CA), IFRRO’s Australian member, recently hosted a research team from the Japanese Copyright Office (JCO). japanese-visit_002.jpgCopyright Agency staff including CEO Adam Suckling and Sarah Tran with Japanese Copyright Office representatives ©Copyright Agency 

The visit was part of a study on international educational licensing that the JCO has been conducting for several months now as the Japanese government is considering the introduction of a licensing scheme for the education sector.

As part of the visit, Copyright Agency shared their experience on over 40 years’ experience in successfully administering a comprehensive licensing scheme for the education sector. The RRO met with head researcher Mr Naoto Kikuchi, along with researchers Mr Kazuhiko Kawahara and Mr Benjamin Tag to share their experience in the field. In addition to providing a detailed overview of the legislative and policy framework for educational licensing in Australia, key members of the Copyright Agency team met with the researchers to discuss surveying, research, and distribution practices. Copyright Agency also reported sharing information about their Cultural Fund, which is a great support for the Australian creative community and that amounts to some AUD 2 million each year. 

The JCO research team also met with representatives from APRA Amcos and Screenrights Australia, which are also involved in licensing the education sector.