Copyright Agency welcomes the passing of the Copyright Amendment Bill 2017 by the Australian Parliament

As previously reported here, the Australian Government introduced into Parliament the Copyright Amendment Bill (Disability and Other Measures). The Bill was recently passed. Stakeholders are pleased with the reform, including Copyright Agency, Australian member of IFRRO, that welcomed the passing of the Bill stating that it will make even simpler for students to access a huge range of content, while libraries will be able to exhibit more material to the Australian public and people with disabilities will be able to access copyright material more easily.

Adam Suckling, CEO of Copyright Agency, commended and thanked the Government for the reform process that resulted in the passing of the Bill and for ensuring that Australia’s copyright system continues to be a world leader in innovation and access. He highlighted the importance of the Bill and said that “These are important reforms that ensure Australia’s copyright system continues to evolve with developments in technology, content creation and consumer behaviour. They also ensure rights holders continue to receive a fair payment for their work so they can continue to produce great Australian content.”

For more information on changes enabled by the Copyright Amendment (Disability Access and Other Measures) Bill 2017, please visit Copyright Agency website.