Copyright Rules

IFRRO submission on EC Consultation on EU Copyright Rules

On 5 December 2013 the European Commission (EU) launched a public consultation on the EU Copyright Rules. The original deadline of 5 February 2014 for answering the 80 questions that make up the consultation was the last week of January extended to 5 March. IFRRO decided, nevertheless, to submit its comments by the original deadline.

In respect of the copyright legal framework, IFRRO submits that the EU should continue to pursue a pragmatic approach. Rather than emphasising on a single EU Copyright Title, the focus should be on the adoption of an overall intellectual property (IP) strategy. Several studies have documented the importance of the IP sector to the EU economy and employment: For example, IPR intensive industries contribute to 39% of the EU’s GDP and 26% of the EU’s employment; 90% of its export comes from IP intensive industries. Within the IP sector, the copyright sector contributes with a positive trade balance. On a short, medium and longer term, an overarching EU IP strategy is required and urgent to maintain this situation.

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