Economic losses due to digital piracy in Europe

A recently published study named "Building a Digital Economy: The Importance of Saving Jobs in the EU's Creative Industries", made by Tera Consultants, a French consultancy firm, states that in the last decade digital piracy has increasingly threatened the economic performance of the creative industries such as movies, music, television and software. The work argues that digital piracy is growing rapidly and accounts for the majority of economic losses to the creative industries.

The study stresses the importance of the subject and the need for the European Union policy makers to put it on top of their agendas. To take the best decisions in this area, policy makers need to be aware of the relation between the economic contribution of these creative industries and the damages that digital piracy is causing them.

The study focus was primarily on the effects of digital piracy (meaning various forms of online piracy, including file-sharing via peer-to-peer (P2P) networks) The aim of the study was to answer the following questions: What is the contribution of the creative industries to the European economy in terms of GDP and jobs?, What are the consequences of piracy on retail revenue and jobs? And if current policies do not change in the EU, what will these losses be by 2015?

You can find the study here.