EU Commission releases Action Plan on IPR enforcement

On 1 July 2014, the European Commission adopted a Communication on an EU Action Plan aiming at renewing the consensus on the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Rather than penalising the citizen for infringing – often unknowingly – IP rights, the actions set out in the Action Plan pave the way towards a “follow the money approach”, seeking to deprive commercial scale infringers of the revenue flows that draw them into such activities.

According to the Commission’s press release, the Action Plan sets out 10 actions to focus the EU's IPR enforcement policy on commercial scale infringements, while the Strategy (setting out an international approach) examines recent changes and presents ways to improve the Commission's current means of action to promote enhanced IPR standards in third countries and to stem the trade in IPR infringing goods.

The above-mentioned actions will be launched and carried out in 2014 and 2015. The Commission will monitor the delivery of these initiatives, and invites the European Parliament, the Council, Member States, the European Economic and Social Committee and stakeholders (including OHIM through the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights) to actively contribute to the work ahead. The Commission also highlights that it will consider at a later stage whether further, potentially legislative, measures are necessary.

The link to the Commission’s respective website is here.