IFRRO Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean meets in Mexico City

On 11 and 12 March, members of the IFRRO Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean gathered in Mexico City for the 2019 Committee meeting and regional seminar. seminar_speakers.jpg
Speakers at the Seminar ©CeMPro

The event was held in Mexico to mark the 20th anniversary of CeMPro, IFRRO’s Mexican RRO member. Since its establishment in 1998 CeMPro has grown to become one of the leading RROs in the continent by representing and protecting the interests of the rights holders they represent including local and foreign rights thanks to the bilateral agreements signed with over twenty five other RROs around the globe. CeMPro has as core activities licensing and fighting piracy of copyrighted materials. 

In Mexico City, representatives from ABDR (Brazil), ACODERE (Costa Rica), CADRA (Argentina), CDR (Colombia), CeMPro (Mexico), SEA (Panama) JAMCOPY (Jamaica) and SADEL (Chile), met to work collectively on shared topics and challenges and the possible solutions. CeMPro also organised a half day seminar on Digital Market, Copyright and Collective Management Organisations on 12 March at the National Museum of Anthropology, where speakers from CCC (United States) and CEDRO (Spain) and the National Institute of Copyright (INDAUTOR) also took part as speakers. The event had over 120 attendees.