IFRRO joins NORCODE for a Regional Training Program in Tanzania

In November 2017,The Norwegian Copyright Development Association (NORCODE) organised a two-week training program on collective management of rights for representatives of CMOs and Copyright Offices from 13 countries in Africa.norcode-training-tanzania-2017.jpg
Participants in the program ©NORCODE

The program was organised in cooperation with ARIPO and WIPO and with the assistance of international federations IFRRO, CISAC, IFPI and SCAPR.
The training took place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and among the 20 participants were representatives of IFRRO’s RRO members in Malawi (Lightwell Benjamin from Cosoma), Tanzania (Praxedah Kimath from Kopitan) and Zambia (Ruth Simujayangombe from ZARRSO). The discussions were moderated by Tarja Koskinen-Olsson and, with NORCODE’s Managing Director Inger Dirdal and interventions of resource persons, the program allowed for many aspects of collective management to be thoroughly discussed.
Pierre-Olivier Lesburguères, IFRRO’s Manager for Policy and Regional Development, presented the IFRRO priorities in Africa and participated as an expert in different sessions, including one on private copying levies where he highlighted that more and more countries across Africa are implementing levy systems to compensate rightholders for the widespread copying of their works.
At the end of the program the participants agreed on an action plan and adopted a resolution. Among the key points of the action plan are the continuous sharing of expertise and knowledge between participants through online platforms, collaboration with international federations, and the promotion of “private copying remuneration systems in all sectors (music, audiovisual and text and images) in countries where such a system does not currently exist or is not yet implemented”. This echoes the priorities adopted a week before at a WIPO High-level conference in Yaoundé where the implementation of private copying levies for the text and image sector were referred to as one of the top three priorities for the future of publishing in Africa.
IFRRO is thankful to NORCODE for the opportunity to take part in the program and looks forward to future collaboration.