IFRRO Party Identifier

A Party Identifier is a unique and unambiguous identifier that refers specifically to a single entity. It distinguishes itself from a name identifier by referring to/identifying the underlying entity (normally the rightholder – author or publisher), whereas the name identifier refers to/identifies a public persona, or the name used publically by the “party”. The name identifier may thus for instance be a pseudonym rather than the “real name” of the entity (person/company) which is the identity used in the party identifier.

The party identifier can be used as a concise and precise method for referring to specific parties in data exchange. It can be used in conjunction with other identifiers to enhance the metadata associated with a particular work or product. In particular it can be used in conjunction with ISTC to identify payment parties. It provides a deeper level of identification including the real natural person/legal entity, roles and rights (including links to the RRO managing those rights).

IFRRO is looking into how such functiionality can be achieved and has commissioned a study to map out the path forward.  It is likely that an IFRRO Party Identifier would work in conjunction with an ISNI.