IFRRO signs agreement on greater access to books for the visually impaired

The EC VIP stakeholder dialogue has concluded the first part of its work with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 14 September 2010, in the presence of DG Internal Market and Service Commissioner Michel Barnier.

IFRRO, as well as IFRRO members EWC, FEP and STM, are signatories to the MoU which foresees the establishment of a system of Trusted Intermediaries (TIs) throughout Europe to facilitate access to copyright works by people with reading impairment.  This MOU means that the EU has tmade an important move towards taking the lead in enabling enhance access to work by people with reading impairment.  IFRRO also welcomes it as an example of what can be done by a constructive stakeholder collaboration.

The signatories representing people with print disabilities were the European Blind Union and the European Dyslexia Association. The RROs in the EU Member States, EEA (European Economic Area) countries and Switzerland are also foreseen to play an active role in assisting creators and publishers to facilitate access to copyright works by people with reading impairment.

Signing on behalf of IFRRO, the IFRRO president Magdalena Vinent said “People with reading disabilities need proper access to copyright works. IFRRO is working to help authors and publishers provide such access, by developing specific tools for those with reading impairment. We already have information about IFRRO in the DAISY format on our website www.ifrro.org

Notes for Editors

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RROs also play a key role in the development of cultural diversity by helping to set up the legal and administrative frameworks necessary for the growth of local publishing industries. IFRRO partners organisations such as WIPO and UNESCO to undertake copyright awareness, capacity building and training activities.
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