IFRRO at the WIPO Global Digital Content Market Conference

On 14 and 15 November, IFRRO CEO, Caroline Morgan participated in the WIPO Global Digital Content Market Conference, in New Delhi, India.


The event was a follow up to the Global Conference held in Geneva in 2016. The conference series, The Global Digital Content Market, explores the pressure points between increased access and a sustainable economic value chain for copyright creators and owners. 

In 2018, the Conference focused on the Asia Pacific, showcasing best practices and including panel discussion on music, education publishing, film, broadcasting and media convergence, and digital inclusion/infrastructure. In his opening statement, Dr Francis Gurry, the Director General of WIPO, commented on the number of changes in production, consumption and value chain for content, in particular at the point of distribution and the accompanying challenges of sustaining a creative society.  

The keynote address was given by Mr Sageet Paul Choudary, who, in a thought-provoking presentation explored the fundamental contradictions in the use of the term free in the expression ‘content wants to be free’. He commented that future value capture models need to encourage the free movement or flow of content while enabling creators and producers to benefit. 

Caroline Morgan participated in the panel discussion on Digital Inclusion, Rights Access and Infrastructure. In her remarks she commented that collective management organisations were finding new ways to add value and enable access and that collective licensing was an integral part of the digital content market. A video transcript to of the panel is available here