International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI)

The ISNI is an International Standard (ISO 27729) to create a name identification system for parties (persons and corporate bodies) i.e. the names (identities) used publicly by parties involved throughout the media content industries in the creation, production, management and content distribution chains. ISNI is primarily intended to be a ‘bridging identifier’ in that it links other party/name identifiers. It is applicable in all kinds of circumstances, depending on the industry and the sector. It is was published in 2012.  IFRRO is a founding member of the ISNI International Agency (ISNI-IA).

One of the keys to the ISNI is that it is of interest to numerous sectors (libraries, RROs, musical societies, record companies, audiovisual content societies, the providers of data to those sectors and the Registration Authorities of the Standard Identifiers that these sectors use). ISNI can be used as an ID in ONIX and ISTC messages.

ISNI is clearly related to IFRROs core business. However an ISNI is a "dumb" number. No meaning will be embedded in it. It merely points to a location where more information can be obtained. It will be necessary to build upon it to allow access to usable rights management information.

Further information can be found on the website of the ISNI International Agency (ISNI-IA)

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