LATREPRO hosts a seminar on the distribution of reprographic remuneration


On February 26th LATREPRO, the Latvian RRO, held a practical seminar on “Procedures, experience and practical aspects of receiving fair remuneration for reprographic reproduction” at the premises of Latvia’s largest publishing house Zvaigzne ABC Publishers. The purpose of the seminar was to explain the process of applying for fair remuneration to book and press publishers and authors, as well as to familiarize them with the activities and historical experience of LATREPRO in developing this remuneration mechanism in Latvia. 

Attendees at the seminar asked all kinds of questions about copyright and collective management. LATREPRO’s representatives encouraged publishers’ chief editors to be more active when working with authors so that they too apply for fair remuneration. To help the authors LATREPRO has also created a brochure wherein answers to the most important questions are provided, with a completed author's application template attached thereto.