Over 400 authors and publishers write open letter regarding copyright infringement at Université Laval

In an open letter to the three candidates for the position of Rector of Université Laval, more than 400 authors and publishers have drawn the ongoing litigation between the university and Copibec, the RRO in Quebec to their attention. 
Following the unilateral decision of the university not to renew the licence offered by Copibec, it is estimated that authors and publishers have suffered a loss of income amounting to more than 1,200,000 $ to day.
The letter asks the candidates to recognise that the way to guarantee innovation is to support the creative environment and enter into licensing agreements, as the other educational institutions in Quebec have done.

Copibec won recently the right to start a class action against Université Laval on behalf of all authors and publishers from Quebec, the rest of Canada and other countries (see here).

The letter (in French) is available here.