IFRRO Members Directory 2009
Compiled in May 2009, this publication contains licensing, organisational, collection and distribution information for IFRRO members worldwide. Further sections include the IFRRO Mission Statement, Code of Conduct, Statutes and details of IFRRO Directors, Officers and Secretariat.
PFD version of the Members Directory

Copyright levies and Reprography

The publication "Copyright levies and Reprography" (2008) sets out to clarify the levy system in the context of reproduction of text and images. It outlines the legal background to the levy system, and explains how it is administered according to local circumstances to provide rightholders with a financial reward that they are entitled to for the reproduction of the copyright works they have originated. The publication has been worked out in cooperation with the IFRRO Equipment Levy Forum (ELF).
Copyright levies and Reprography (pdf)

The Art of Copying
Developed by the IFRRO Working Group on Copying of Visual Material, this booklet provides practical advice on the incorporation of visual material in reprographic legal schemes and licences.
The Art of Copying (English), November 2006

L'Art de Copier (French, Text only), July 2008 
IFRRO Manual on How to establish an RRO

The purpose of the IFRRO Manual is to describe the foundation and operating models of Reproduction Rights Organisations (RROs) as collective management organisations, licensing reprography and digital copying on behalf of authors and publishers in cases where it is impracticable for them to act individually.
IFRRO Manual on how to establish an RRO

IFRRO Mentoring Manual
The IFRRO Mentoring Handbook provides practical guidance to managers and staff of established RROs when they have accepted to function as a mentor for an emerging RRO.
IFRRO Mentoring Manual

Collective Management In Reprography
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and IFRRO produced this publication jointly. It gives a general description of the concept of collective management and its role in the field of reprography, and affords insight into the legislative framework and the different national reprographic reproduction rights organizations and their activities. La gestion colectiva en el ambito de la reprografia (Spanish)Collective_Management in Reprography.pdf (English)

La Gestion Collective en mati¨¨re de Reprographie (French) 

                              Коллективное управление в области репрографии (Russian)
                              影印复制的集体管理 (Chinese)


From Artist to Audience
Booklet jointly produced by CISAC, WIPO and IFRRO [PDF format]:DES ARTISTES AU PUBLIC: Avantages pr¨¦sent¨¦s par les droits d'auteurs et les droits connexes ainsi que par le syst¨¨me de gestion collective du droit d'auteur pour les cr¨¦ateurs et les consommateurs Publication OMPI CISAC IFRRO (pdf)
FROM ARTIST TO AUDIENCE. How creators and consumers benefit from copyright and related rights and the system of collective management of copyright. This booklet has been produced in cooperation with WIPO and CISAC. (pdf)
General  Papers
I - Collective Administration (1997)

II - Reprographic Reproduction (1997)

III - RROs and IFRRO (1997)
IV - Emergent RROs (1997)
Detailed Papers
Distribution of Remuneration (1998)