Spain: new regulation on private copy passed by the Congress

On 17 June, the Congress of Deputies of Spain passed the new legislation on private copy in compliance with the EU InfoSoc Directive. The legislation regulates the new system of financing the private copy compensation corresponding to the book, cinema and music sectors. 

The text was approved by 270 of the 348 legislators attending the plenary. It will enter into force as from 1st of August and it is based on a model that was in place in Spain until 2012. Under such system, manufacturers and importers of printers, pcs and similar devices, will pay for the compensation for authors and publishers due to the private reproduction of their works. 

Jorge Corrales, CEDRO’s General Director, welcomed the news and highlighted the importance of offering Spanish Authors and publishers, a similar situation to other European counterparts. Corrales also said that the system should be implemented adequately so the rights holders can start receiving their corresponding compensation. 

As from the 1st of August, the Spanish Government will have one year to approve a royal decree with an updated list of devices affected by the new legislation and the due tariffs.