Study on open data registries commissioned by the French Government

The French Government commissioned in 2014 a study on open metadata registries, and its first outcomes have been presented in May 2015. The study, carried out by BearingPoint, provides an overview of identifiers, metadata and data bases, analysed sector by sector (music, audiovisual, book publishing, and photographs and the press).
More than 100 interviews were conducted as a first step in the making of the study, with various representatives from the Linked Content Coalition (LCC), the UK Copyright Hub and the Rights Data Integration (RDI) Project being invited to present their work. 
The outcomes of the study will be of particular interest for the participants in the RDI Project, an initiative co-funded by the European Commission that aims at demonstrating how users of rights can easily identify rightholders and trade rights using different business models. IFRRO is a partner in the RDI Consortium.
See here the RDI Project’s website.