Study visit to Russia: IFRRO meets with Russian RRO, Publishers, and State Duma

Participants in the meeting at the Russian State Duma © Igor Sudets

From the 11th to the 14th of September 2017 IFRRO’s Secretary General Caroline Morgan and Policy Advisor Pierre-Olivier Lesburguères travelled to Moscow for a series of meetings with CopyRus, rightholders, and Parliament representatives.

CopyRus, the Russian Rightsholders’ Society on Collective Management of Reprographic Reproduction Rights, is a longstanding member of IFRRO and has received mandates from more than 4,000 Russian rightholders to-day. The IFRRO representatives met with Vasiliy Terletskiy, Director General of CopyRus, and his team at their Moscow premises. They were briefed on the successes of the RRO, and the challenges that the current legislation poses to the RRO by making licensing of educational institutions and libraries a difficult undertaking.

IFRRO then met with Konstantin Chechenev and Oleg Filimonov, President and Vice-President of ASKI, the Russian Publishers Association. The 30th Moscow Book Fair had taken place the week before and the ASKI representatives shared insight views on the state of the book market and on the challenges that publishers are facing today, in particular with the move from print to digital publishing.

Finally, in the afternoon of the 13th of September, CopyRus  and IFRRO had a meeting at the State Duma, the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia. They met with Rafael Mardanshin, Deputy at the Russian State Duma and Vice-Chairman of the State Duma Committee on state structure and legislation, with Olga Ruzakova, Deputy Head of Staff of the Committee, with Igor Sudets and with advisors to the Committee. Deputy Mardanshin expressed his commitment to protect authors’ rights and referred to a bill on collective rights management that is currently under discussion. Olga Ruzakova is known to the IFRRO community, having made a presentation at the IFRRO World Congress 2014, and she further explained the objectives of the bill, and the participants continued discussing various aspects of collective management and copyright.

Find here an article posted by CopyRus and here and here articles on the visit to the State Duma (all in Russian).