Barónsstíg 5
Phone: + 354 899 9961

Chief Executive:
Managing Director: Helga Sigrún Harðardóttir
Chief Executive Phone: +354 8999961
Chief Executive Email:

Chairman: Halldór Birgisson

Year of first distribution: 1985

Composition of Board:
Total number of Board Members: 7
Total number of Author Representatives: 5
Total number of Publisher Representatives: 2

Total number of Member Associations: 7
Total Publishers' Associations: 2
Total Creators' (authors and visual artists) Associations: 5
Remarks about the members: Classes of rights holders served : Foreign and domestic owners of reproduction rights in literary, artistic and musical works. Approximate number: Approx. 6100.

DATES OF FINANCIAL YEAR January 1 - December 31

Type of National legislation :
Civil law: Yes
Common law: No

Licensing system:
Extended Collective Licence

Reprographic licences
Types of works licensed: All categories of printed works, including sheet music
Types of uses licensed (including, where applicable, course packs, document delivery): Extended Collective Licensing
Types of institutions/sectors licensed: Primary schools, secondary schools, universities and all other educational facilities supported by the state on a regular basis; music schools; private schools; central government administration, local government administration, choirs, state church of Iceland. Approximate number: 193 primary schools, 35 secondary schools, and 9 universities with a total of approximately 75000 students; approx. 8000 students/employees in music schools, approx. 12500 central government employees, approx. 13000 local government employees, approx. 50 choirs.

Digital Licences
Types of works licensed: Printed works
Types of uses licensed (including, where applicable, course packs,
document delivery and storage): Reproduction by scanning stored on intranets, run by educational organizations, the church, choirs and the government, protected by passwords in applicable courses or operations.
Types of institutions/sectors licensed: Education, government, choirs, the church.

Other Licences
Public Lending Rights: No

Title-specific distribution: No
Non title-specific distribution: Yes
Both title-specific distribution and non title-specific distribution: No
Full reporting: No
Sampling: No
Statistical surveys: No
Objective availability: No
Possibility to be copied: No

Number of Bilateral agreements type A: 6
Bilateral agreements type A with: CLA (UK), BONUS COPYRIGHT (Sweden), COPY-DAN (Denmark), CCC (USA), VG Musikedition (Germany), Kopinor (Norway)
Number of Bilateral agreements type B: 25
Bilateral agreements type B with: ABDR (Brazil), CADRA (Argentina), CAL (Australia), CANCOPY (Canada), REPRORECHT (Netherlands) CEDRO (Spain), CFC (France) , CLL (New Zealand), ACCESSCOPYRIGHT and COPIBEC (Canada), COPYRUS (Russia), DILIA (Czech Republic), FJÖLRIT (Faeroe Islands), GCA (Georgia), HKRRLS (Hong Kong), ICLA (Ireland), KOPIOSTO (Finland), KORRA (Korea), LITA (Slovak Republic), OSDEL (Greece), Pro Litteris (Switzerland) Reprobel (Belgium), VG WORT (Germany), Vietrro (Vietnam) Zimcopy (Zimbabwe)


Total amount collected for all licensing:
ISK 132,479,326.00 (+/- EUR 996,827.16)

Total amount collected for reproduction licensing:
ISK 132,479,326.00 (+/- EUR 996,827.16)

Total amount collected nationally for reproduction licensing:
ISK 130,190,187.00 (+/- EUR 979,602.76)

Total amount received for licensing from other RROs world-wide:
ISK 0.00 (+/- EUR 0.00)

Total amount distributed to national rightsholders:
ISK 95,586,817.00 (+/- EUR 719,233.24)

Total Amount distributed to foreign RROs:
ISK 16,197,036.00 (+/- EUR 121,872.94)

Total amount distributed from all licensing:
ISK 111,783,853.00 (+/- EUR 841,106.18)

The exchange rate of 1 January 2019 was applied, being EUR 1= 132.9010 ISK