Korea Reproduction and Transmission Rights Association

KORRA, Korea Reproduction and Transmission Rights Association

7F, Digital innovation center,
11, World Cup buk-ro 54-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Korea, South
Phone: +82-2-2608-2036
Fax: +82-2-2608-2031
E-mail: kelee@korra.kr
Web: http://www.korra.kr

Chief Executive:
President: Jongyul Kim

General Manager: Donghyun Kim
E-mail: el4697@korra.kr

Year of first distribution: 2006

Composition of Board:
Total number of Board Members: 13
How are Board Members elected: 7 by recommendation of membership and 6 independent representatives on the Board are appointed by the Board
Total number of Author Representatives: 7

Total number of Member Associations: 10
Total Creators' (authors and visual artists) Associations: 10
Remarks about the members: Authors, publishers and academic associations (Korean Society of Authors, Korea Music Copyright Association, Korea TV & Radio Writers Association, Korean Association of Academic Societies, Korea Scenario Writers Association, The Korean Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Korea Press Foundation, The Photo Artist Society of Korea, Korean Fine Arts Association, International PEN Korea Center). Above associations are composed of approximate 40,000 authors and 1,200 publishers.

DATES OF FINANCIAL YEAR January 1 – December 31

Type of National legislation :
Civil law: Yes
Common law: No

Licensing system:
Voluntary Licencing schemes, with potential back-up in Copyright Laws
Other licensing system: Legal license for universities, colleges and educational institutions operated by the national or local government, textbooks for students from elementary schools to high schools and libraries

Reprographic licences
Types of works licensed: Text works(part)
Types of uses licensed (including, where applicable, course packs, document delivery): Photocopying
Types of institutions/sectors licensed: Copyshops, companies, etc.

Digital Licences
Types of works licensed: Text works(part)
Types of uses licensed (including, where applicable, course packs,
document delivery and storage): Transmission(uploading online)
Types of institutions/sectors licensed: e-book/journal distributors, online lecture institutes, etc.

Other Licences
Public Lending Rights: No
Other areas of licensing: Transmission of academic journals

Title-specific distribution: Yes
Non title-specific distribution: No
Both title-specific distribution and non title-specific distribution: No
Full reporting: Yes
Sampling: No
Statistical surveys: No
Objective availability: No
Possibility to be copied: No

Number of Bilateral agreements type A: 4
Bilateral agreements type A with: CLASS, CLA, Copyright Agency and VG-Musikedition
Number of Bilateral agreements type B: 25
Bilateral agreements type B with: ProLitteris, VG WORT, Kopinor, Fjolis, CADRA, IRRO, HKRRLS, VIETRRO, TTRRO, FILCOLS, DILIA, HARR, CopyRus, Reprobel, JAMCOPY, , YAYBIR, KOPIKEN, Copibec, CCC, KOPITAN, CDR, SR, CopyGhana, OSDEL, and JAC
Other agreements with RROs: CWWCS


Total amount collected for all licensing:
KRW 7,992,908,362.00 (+/- EUR 6,275,543.21)

Total amount collected for reproduction licensing:
KRW 7,560,245,272.00 (+/- EUR 5,935,842.59)

Total amount collected nationally for reproduction licensing:
KRW 7,977,546,467.00 (+/- EUR 6,263,481.99)

Total amount received for licensing from other RROs world-wide:
KRW 15,361,895.00 (+/- EUR 12,061.22)

Total amount distributed to national rightsholders:
KRW 6,889,756,851.00 (+/- EUR 5,409,416.05)

Total Amount distributed to foreign RROs:
KRW 1,679,122,856.00 (+/- EUR 1,318,344.66)

Total amount distributed from all licensing:
KRW 8,568,879,707.00 (+/- EUR 6,727,760.71)

The exchange rate of 1 January 2019 was applied, being EUR 1= 1273.6600 KRW