Korean Society of Authors

KOSA, Korean Society of Authors
1020, Olympia Center Bldg,
828-10 Yoksam-dong - Gangnam-gu
Korea, South
Phone: +82 2508 0440
Fax: +82 539 3993
E-mail: webmaster@ekosa.org
Web: http://www.ekosa.org/en

Chief Executive:
President: DaeWoo Kwon (MR)

Vice-president: MR GYOOHO LEE (MR)
International Relations: MR TAEWON JEONG (MR)
E-mail: jtw@ekosa.org

Year operations began:
May 1984

KOSA is a non-profit organization, established in 1984. The aim of its business activities is to provide copyright protection for authors, artists and other copyright holders. As a copyright management organization, KOSA collects and distributes to its members copyright fees. The scope of the collective management of the KOSA covers literary works, photographic works, dramatic works, cinematographic works, and artistic works.

Members(total) : 4,955 Types of members Members type Members Number Rate Literature 2,828 57% Academic 1,679 33% Visual arts 448 10% Total 4,955 100%