Ochranná organizace autorská - sdružení

OOA-S, Ochranná organizace autorská - sdružení
Národní 973/41
110 00
Czech Republic
Phone: +420/777161539
Fax: +420/224930322
E-mail: karel.ulm@ooas.cz
Web: http://www.ooas.cz

Chief Executive:
Manager Director: Eva Štěpánková
Chief Executive Email: karel.ulm@ooas.cz

: Karel Ulm, MPA
E-mail: karel.ulm@ooas.cz
Phone: +420 777161539

Year operations began:

The basic mission of OOA-S is to protect and administer the rights of the authors of works of fine art and architectural works and of the picture plane in audiovisual works, as well as other represented holders of copyright to such works, acquired on the basis of Act No; 121/2000 Coll., on Copyright, Rights Associated with Copyright and the Amendment of Certain Laws (Copyright Act), as amended by subsequent regulations, associated laws and international copyright conventions, as well as by other international agreements to which the Czech Republic is bound

OOA-S represents 3.593 authors