Sociedad de Artistas Visuales Argentinos

SAVA, Sociedad de Artistas Visuales Argentinos

Mariano Acha 1757
CP (1430)
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Phone: +54-11-4524-7649
Fax: +54-11-4524-7649

Executive Director : Yuriem Echevarría Cabrera
Phone: +54-11-4524-7649

SAVA is an independent copyright organization that manages the rights of visual artists pursuant to the Argentina Copyright Act. SAVA enters into agreements regarding the use of visual art, and collects remuneration on behalf of its members. Another important aspect of SAVA's activities is informing members and users about copyright in the area of visual art. SAVA's responsibilities are to: - Enter into agreements on reproduction and other secondary use of visual art. - Collect and distribute remuneration to the artists for the use of their works of art. - Follow up on copyright infringements. - Assist members in connection with copyright issues and conflicts. - Provide information about copyright as related to the visual arts to members and users. - Help strengthen the position of the visual arts in respect of copyright.

Based on authorizations from each individual artist/rights holder, SAVA through reciprocal agreements with foreign copyright organizations represents more than 77 000 Argentineans and foreign artists insofar as the use of their works in Argentina is concerned. SAVA's rights are exclusive, that is, the members themselves are not entitled to enter into agreements for the secondary use of their works. SAVA represents artists in all categories of the arts that fall within the purview of the visual arts, including painters, graphic artists, arts and craftsmen, sculptors, illustrators, photographers, textile artists, and other creators of visual art.