Remembering Monica Seeber

IFRRO was deeply saddened to hear of the recent death of Monica Seeber, after a short illness. Monica was a strong  supporter of the rights of the creative community in South Africa and around the world. She was also a valued member of the IFRRO community for many years. An author, publisher and book editor, Monica championed the importance of copyright protection to the rights of authors and left a lasting impact on South Africa's creative communities through her work for DALRO, the text and image CMO in South Africa, her role in the foundation of ANFASA, the South African nonfiction authors association and her support for PASA, the publishers association of South Africa.     

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Our Mission and Purpose

IFRRO’s mission is to develop and promote effective collective rights management to ensure that the copyrights of authors and publishers are valued through the lawful and remunerated use of text and image-based works. 

We do this by advocating for copyright, collective management and the remunerated use of text and image based works and by enabling authors and publishers to explore and benefit from new opportunities through effective collective management. 

IFRRO’s Strategic Plan states: “In our work we value trust, diversity and commitment, and we act with tolerance and respect.” In our operations, these core values are expressed as follows:

Core Values

Core Values


We respect the rights of individual authors and publishers to decide how their works are managed.   


We build mutual understanding about different approaches to copyright and collective management through providing opportunities for authors, publishers and their representatives to network, meet and exchange information, collaborate and partner with each other.


We build trust in collective management by assisting our members to ensure that they act fairly, ethically  and honestly in managing rights, in collecting and distributing remuneration and in holding funds in trust for authors and publishers.


We respect and value difference and are committed to building a diverse and inclusive community within IFRRO.


We encourage management of rights, provide proactive support to collective management organisations and support efforts by authors and publishers of text and image based works to establish and build collective management organisations.   

Our Members

IFRRO’s  members are collective management organisations and creators’ and publishers’ associations active in the area of text and images. Our members work to both protect and to ensure easy access to text and image works.     

Our member collective management organisations offer licences and receive fees for the use of books, journals, newspapers and magazines, and pay the fees they receive to authors and publishers, all around the world.

The work that IFRRO and its members do secures healthy national publishing markets, contributes to strong and diverse national culture and raises awareness of and respect for copyright. A list of IFRRO's members is available here.