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31st WIPO SCCR. IFRRO advocates agreements with authors and publishers directly, complemented by collective rights management as the best solution for access and usages of works in libraries, archives, education and research

Submitted by jboyd on Fri, 12/11/2015 - 14:24

The 31st meeting of the WIPO SCCR (Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights), 7-11 December 2015, continued discussions on exceptions and limitations for libraries and archives, and for education and research. The library and archive exception discussions focused on exceptions on library lending; reproduction and backup copies; and legal deposits. IFRRO statements on the two first topics (library lending and reproduction and back up), acknowledged that copies and lending may be acceptable under defined circumstances, but that, in general, it is important that authors and publishers, directly or through collective management, facilitate legitimate access and usages of copyright works.

The IFRRO statement on educational exceptions emphasised inter alia that it is important that educational institutions are allowed and offered solutions to allow legal access to copyright works. The best way to arrange this is through direct licensing agreements with authors and publishers, combined with collective rights management by RROs. This is the only solution, which can meet dynamic user requests to easy seamless legal access and usages, whilst at the same time creating a balance between local creation and import of intellectual property – also in education and research.

Whilst, the discussions on library exceptions are likely to continue on selected items, the SCCR did not reach agreement on how to deal with those on exceptions for education and research.