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ARIPO’s 39th Administrative Council and 15th Council of Ministers

Submitted by jboyd on Tue, 11/24/2015 - 10:45

IFRRO and ARIPO (the African Regional Property Organization, signed an agreement on cooperation already in 2006. Under this agreement, we have collaborated in education programmes and various sensitizing ad training activities, IFRRO also attend, as Observers, ARIPO’s Administrative Council and Council of Ministers meetings. At this year’s events, which took place in Lusaka, IFRRO’s CEO, Olav Stokkmo, addressed the Ministers of ARIPO’s 19 Member States on the importance of the copyright sector and of collective rights management, and expressed support for ARIPO’s Copyright department, now under the leadership of ARIPO Director General Fernando dos Santos and Copyright Administrator Maureen Fondo. Also, many delegates aemphasised the importance of ARIPO having a focus on collective management and CMOs in the Member States.

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