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ARIPO with enhanced focus on copyright

Submitted by admin on Wed, 07/21/2010 - 17:55

ARIPO – The African Regional Intellectual Property Organization – was originally created to pool resources on industrial property issues. In 2006 IFRRO signed a cooperation agreement with ARIPO covering all major aspects of copyright issues and since 2007 ARIPO, IFRRO and WIPO have jointly run a copyright education program for Intellectual Property Officers and RRO personnel in ARIPO Member States. At its 12th Council of Minister session in Gaborone 26th-27th November 2009, ARIPO adopted an ambitious program to increase its activities in relation to copyright issues:  Among other things it will (i) collaborate with WIPO to conduct studies on the contribution of intellectual property protection to the economy and to assess the economic, social and cultural impact of the use of intellectual property system in the Member States; (ii) develop a policy document to assist member States in the implementation of the WIPO Development Agenda; (iii) provide guidelines for national legislative reforms on IP and serve as a platform for the implementation of IP strategies in the Member States' development plans; (iv) establish an ARIPO Regional Academy; and (v) compile best practices in the field of IP.   In his intervention to the Ministers from the 16 ARIPO Member States IFRRO's Chief Executive welcomed ARIPO's enhanced focus on copyright issues and assured them of IFRRO's continued cooperation in implementing the work plan. In addition to the copyright education program the cooperation may also be extended to collaborate in awareness raising activities in the ARIPO Member States.