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Authors, Publishers, And Google Reach Landmark Settlement

Submitted by admin on Wed, 07/21/2010 - 17:09

American authors and publishers have reached an agreement with Google, settling their two year dispute and significantly expanding online access to works through Google Book Search.  The agreement (see full Press release) includes the establishment of a Books Rights Registry in which US Copyright holders can register their works and receive appropriate compensation for the digitization of their works.

Kinsella/Novak Communications, the Notice Provider that will administer  the worldwide notice program, has representatives attending the IFRRO annual  meeting in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Katherine Kinsella and Belinda Bulger  will meet with RROs and begin the process of securing their participation in  the notice program.  The parties and the Notice Provider consider RROs to  be an important component of the notice program (providing information about the settlement to rightholders) and will work with them to  facilitate direct notice to their members.