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The Brussels press announces Ms. Reding's digitisation plan

Submitted by admin on Wed, 07/21/2010 - 17:48

In an article published on 1st October, European Voice informs that the European Commission is planning to promote the digitisation of books either by creating a European register or a European network of registries. The newspaper did not approach ARROW (, to which IFRRO is one of the founding partners, for comments on this regard. This fact is regrettable since Commissioner Reding has expressed her view on ARROW as an important step in facilitating the digitisation of books and creating the right infrastructure. It is also referred to in the newly published European Commission consultation paper on the future of EUROPEANA. 

European Voice says Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Information Society and Media, who is said to present the plans with Charlie McCreevy, Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, is concerned that "without a common EU approach, publishers and authors in different member states will sign up to a web of agreements with Google and rival companies, fragmenting the single market" ( 

Commissioner Reding's plans are supposed to be published on 7 October 2009. The Commission, reportedly, intends to present its findings from a consultation on how the register or registries should work to national governments and the European Parliament by the end of 2009, and to present draft legislation by the end of March 2010.