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Content for Education campaign for a balanced copyright framework in Europe

Submitted by veraliah on Fri, 06/01/2018 - 09:37

IFRRO together with European organisations representing writers and literary translators, visual artists, journalists, publishers and collective management organisations for reproduction rights have united to promote the sustainable production of innovative, local, diverse and high quality content, which will benefit the education of future generations in Europe. cfe_couleur.jpg

The Content for Education campaign raises awareness about the potentially negative impact of an unbalanced exception for education (article 4 of the proposed Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive). The sustainability of the creation of content, which underpins cultural diversity, democracy and competitiveness in Europe, is at risk with the current wording. The campaign calls for EU policy makers to future-proof educational practices by not allowing for the unlimited and unremunerated copying of content for educational proposes.

A dedicated website, which includes short, explanatory videos, describes the current situation and the consequences of a broad exception for illustration for teaching on the creation of quality, innovative content for education in Europe. It also includes testimonials from authors, including writers and literary translators, illustrators and journalists, together with teachers and publishers, from across Europe. The testimonials convey very clearly the shared concerns regarding the potentially negative impact on the quality of education in Europe as well as the commitment to creating quality content. There is also a petition on the website which allows people to show their support for the campaign.
For further details please see the website
You can also follow the campaign on Twitter @Content4Edu