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Copyright for Education event at the European Parliament

Submitted by veraliah on Wed, 11/07/2018 - 13:11

On 26 September, EVA, EWC, FEP, EFJ and IFRRO together with MEP Patrick Le Hyaric, organised a conference at the European Parliament called Sustainable, Diverse, High Quality Content in Europe: how a balanced copyright regime can deliver. dsc_3970.jpgThe event had as its main objective raising  awareness about the potentially negative impact of an unbalanced illustration for teaching exception (Article 4) on the creation and the quality of available educational material in Europe.

During the event, it was discussed how the proposals put forward by the European Commission, Council of Ministers and the European Parliament could impact the revenues for secondary usage that creators are entitled to and also lead to lower investment in innovative high quality content by publishers.

Authors, publishers, teachers and collective management organisations explained the different possible scenarios that Europe could face if EU decision-makers do not agree on a legislative text where a sustainable creative ecosystem is ensured, which would also support the creation of a rich variety of content, essential to cultural diversity and democracy. For further details, please see the conference report.