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#CopyrightForFreedom - FEP launch call to recognise Copyright as guarantee for Freedom of Expression

Submitted by jboyd on Tue, 03/24/2015 - 12:26

At the 2015 Paris Book Fair the Federation of European Publisher has appealed to the publishing world to rally round the theme that freedom of expression is upheld by a sensible copyright system, which allows the literary ecosystem to flourish.

The appeal, using the hashtag #CopyrightForFreedom ,was launched during a debate entitled “Does Europe still believe in its culture” as a reminder to everyone of the importance of freedom of expression. It is made in the context of the draft report to the European Parliament of German Pirate Party MEP Julia Reda and emphasizes that freedom of expression does not mean copying the works of others. Freedom of expression means being free to write, free to publish, free to be a book-seller, free to choose what to say and what to read.

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