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Creative Industries add $NZ3.848b ($US2.6b) to New Zealand Economy

Submitted by jboyd on Wed, 10/14/2015 - 11:07

In 2013 a New Zealand’s creative industries decided to change how they presented themselves to government and the public and to alter their message from one that was solely about copyright to one that puts creativity and creative products at the forefront. A new entity was established -  WeCreate -  and a membership drive put into action to ensure the organisation had representation from the breadth of the NZ creative industries.

Supporting the new messaging is economic data that the industries have sourced for themselves given that the government does not have valuations of the New Zealand creative sector. The latest valuations, released on 30 September 2015, show that books, music, games, film and television contribute $NZ3.9 billion to the economy and over 40,000 FTE jobs. In 2016 valuations from other industries – architecture, advertising, fashion and design -  will be added.

WeCreate’s strategy is focussed on the growth potential of the creative sector, particularly in the area of export revenue. This opportunity has been recognised by the government and will be the subject of a sector study currently taking place and due to be completed towards the end of 2016.

WeCreate is chaired by Paula Browning of CLNZ – the NZ RRO.
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