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Creative industries in Flanders account for € 7.2 billion and employ over 120,000 people

Submitted by jboyd on Tue, 02/16/2016 - 10:35

A new report reveals that the creative and cultural sectors in Flanders account for 2.7% of GDP and together they represent a value of 7.2 billion euros. The creative industry employs 53 477 self-employed professionals (or 12.9 per cent of all self-employed workers in Flanders) and 69 983 employees.

This is the third impact study conducted by the Flanders DC Knowledge Centre at Antwerp Management School.

The following tables shows the main figures:

Creative industries in Flanders (overall)

 GDP FLandersSelf-employedEmployees
Creative Industries7.2 billion  53,477    69,983
Overall265 billion415,5922,911,767
Share of creative industries2.7%12.9%2.4%

Text & image sector (books and press only)

 EmployeesEmployersSelf-EmployedAdded ValueTurnover
Print media (books)6,702 (9.6%)521 (6.4%)2,964 (5.5%)€ 327,752,503 (4.6%)€ 1,007,294,178 (4.3%)
Print media (press)5,959 (8.5%)743 (9.1%)3,652 (6.8%)€ 685,105,166 (9.5%)€ 2,597,055,725 (11%)
Overall creative industries69,9838,16953,4777.174.077.561€ 23,562,680,031

Link to the study (in Dutch)