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The EU Collective Rights Management Directive and the RRO

Submitted by jboyd on Thu, 01/28/2016 - 09:10

In an article originally published by the International Journal of IP Management* on 22 July, IFRRO CEO, Olav Stokkmo explains the role and functioning of RROs, and examines their operation in relation to the Directive on Collective Rights Management Directive. He asserts that the CRM Directive allows RROs to continue their operation with no, or only minor changes to their current practices.

In addition, the clarification in the CRM Directive that the term ‘rightholder’ comprises both authors and publishers is useful; it is also consistent with current RRO practice. Furthermore, the CRM Directive allows explicitly current RRO membership arrangements, legal set ups, models of operation and distribution practices to be carried forward; and well-functioning RROs generally comply with the transparency, accountability and good governance criteria of the CRM Directive.

A full copy of the article can be purchased from the Inderscience website.

*Originally published on the International Journal of IP Management, Vol. 7, Nos. 3/4, 2014.