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EU Communications/public consultations recently launched by the European Commission

Submitted by admin on Wed, 07/21/2010 - 17:45

The following Communications and public consultations have been adopted/launched recently by the European Commission:

1. Consultation on "Europeana – next steps"
The European Commission adopted the Communication "Europeana – next steps" on 28 August 2009 (link to the Commission Communication); link to the accompanying Staff Working Document, incl. questions for consultation. The public consultation launches a debate on the further development of Europeana (deadline for comments: 15 November 2009).

2. Consultation on "Post i2010: priorities for a new strategy for European information society (2010-2015)"
The European Commission has published Europe's Digital Competitiveness Report (link to the Commission Communication;  link to the Commission's press release) and opened a public consultation on what future strategy the EU should adopt to make the digital economy run at full speed (deadline: 9 October 2009; link to the online questionnaire.

3. Communication on "Enhancing the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the internal market"
The European Commission adopted on 14 September 2009 a Communication on enhancing the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the internal market (link to theCommission Communication; link to the Commission's press release).