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European Parliament adopts report on a coherent EU policy in support of cultural and creative industries

Submitted by jboyd on Mon, 12/19/2016 - 14:10

The European Parliament has adopted a report recognising the importance of cultural and creative industries (CCI) as engines of economic growth and “ambassadors of European values”. The report calls on the European Parliament to take a more structured approach to the sector and to ensure that creators get their fair share of the benefits coming from the explosion of consumption of creative content made possible by the digital revolution.  It identifies a “value gap” where platform services retain too much of the value of creative works and insists that “liability exemptions should not apply to services that play an active role in distributing, promoting and monetising content at the expense of the creators.”

Noting that CCI in Europe provide more than 12 million full-time jobs, creating around EUR 508 billion in value added to GDP, the report recognises that the protection of copyright is a vital element to the very survival of the creative industry.  Despite its importance to the European economy, the sector has suffered from the lack of a clear definition, which would allow policy makers to develop a coherent industrial policy at EU level.  The report offers such a definition and calls on the Commission to take the necessary steps to promote and support the sector and ensure that authors, creators, performers and rightholders receive fair remuneration for their works.

Click here for the full report