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IFRRO’s Annual General Meeting adopts resolution on the South African copyright reform

Submitted by veraliah on Wed, 11/14/2018 - 11:04

At IFRRO’s Annual General Meeting in Athens last month, a resolution was adopted urging the South African Parliament to protect authors’ rights, support creativity, and to reject proposals that would weaken copyright protection.

In the resolution, IFRRO’s members acknowledge that measures are already in place in South Africa to ensure access to published works by educational institutions – and these include collective licences offered by DALRO, the South African Reproduction Rights Organisation. The proposed introduction of fair use provisions and the broadening of copyright exceptions would be severely prejudicial to the creative industries and the cultural sector and, if enacted, will lead to a reduction in the quality of content available to South African students.

The IFRRO Annual General Meeting asks the South African Government not to proceed with the proposed changes to the Copyright Act.

The resolution can be found here. It follows submissions made by IFRRO to the South African Government and Parliament in the last year, including a statement adopted by IFRRO’s African Development Committee at their meeting in Johannesburg in July 2017.

Note to the Editor:
IFRRO is the international network of collective management organisations in the text and image sector, called Reproduction Rights Organisations (RROs). IFRRO has 150 members in 85 countries, including 15 in Africa, representing the creative and publishing communities. The creative industries and the cultural sector are fundamental to the digital economy and pivotal in sustaining national culture and cultural identity.