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IFRRO AGM adopts Open Access Statement and Resolution in support of a PLR scheme in Switzerland

Submitted by jboyd on Fri, 11/13/2015 - 10:04

The IFRRO AGM 2015, which met in Mexico City on 11 November 2015, adopted a statement on Open Access. Open Access models are increasingly being implemented in various contexts. IFRRO supports Open Access initiatives which encourage respect for copyright, and which, in turn, do not create confusion amongst authors, publishers and users. Authors, publishers and other rightholders strive to maximise the cost-efficient distribution of their works, and RROs provide services that assist them in this effort, just as they facilitate legal access to copyright works for users.

The AGM also reviewed the worrying situation in Canada following the changes to the copyright legislation in 2012, on the basis of a Report by PwC, and the situation in Switzerland where there is no provision public lending rights.  It adopted a Statement in support of the introduction of a scheme to compensate authors and other rightholders for the public lending of their works. The introduction a PLR scheme would be consistent with the traditional high level of protection granted to rightholders by Swiss legislation. The IFRRO AGM therefore urged the Swiss Parliament and Government to introduce PLR as part of the ongoing review of Copyright Law in Switzerland.