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IFRRO and WIPO support new Collective Management Organisation (CMO) in Senegal

Submitted by jboyd on Mon, 04/25/2016 - 09:52

On 18-20 April, IFRRO and WIPO coorganised seminars and a conference to support SODAV, the new multi-disciplinary CMO in Senegal, which will also administer collectively reprography and certain other rights in text and image works sector.

Conference participants surrounding the Minister of Culture and Communication of Senegal - photo Daniel Gomez

The series of events was opened by Senegal’s Minister of Culture and Communication, Honourable Mbagnick NDIAYE, who committed to supporting SODAV, the IFRRO CEO Olav Stokkmo, who, in his opening remarks emphasised the important role SODAV could play in developing intellectual property and maintaining a national Senegalese culture, WIPO’s Carole Croella and the SODAV Chair Angèle Diabang.

A conference open to all stakeholder and the public addressed collective administration of rights in reprography and access to published works in education, with regional contributions by Chantal Forgo and Yé Minata Soma of BBDA (Burkina Faso), Alphonse Bombogo of SOCILADRA (Cameroon) and SODAV’s DG Bouna Manel Fall. IFRRO’s Pierre-Olivier Lesburguères gave an overall presentation of levy systems in the text and image sector, which have been introduced in several countries in West Africa.

Separate workshops, which were held for authors and publishers, aimed at strengthening their associations as well as the sector, included invaluable sharing of experience and knowledge by Cécile Deniard of IAF and CPE (Conseil Permanent des Ecrivains, France), and by IPA’s Secretary General José Borghino.

SODAV is a new CMO, established by the law signed by the Senegal President as late as 4 February this year. A full day was therefore dedicated towards the governance of CMOs, involving also the organisations in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire and Mali, focusing transparency and accountability. This took as a starting point IFRRO’s Code of Conduct and the Compendium developed by the TAG (Transparency, Accountability and Good governance) initiative, which, in addition to IFRRO, involves other international federations representing CMOs, and WIPO.

Collective management in text and image works is about to take off in French speaking Africa. IFRRO aims at assisting these initiatives, also through collaboration with WIPO and OAPI (Organisation Africaine pour la Propriété Intellectuelle), under the signed cooperation agreements with those organisations.