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IFRRO attends the meeting of CISAC’s African Committee

Submitted by veraliah on Mon, 10/14/2019 - 10:32

At the invitation of Samuel Sangwa, CISAC’s Regional Director for Africa, IFRRO participated in the meeting of CISAC’s societies in Africa hosted by the Organisme Tunisien du Droit d’Auteur et des Droits Voisin (OTDAV) on 16-17 July 2019 in Tunis.


The CISAC African Committee, observers, and Tunisian officials © CISAC

Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) in Africa play an important role in ensuring access to copyright-protected works while remunerating creators and publishers. There are numerous examples of the benefits of collective licensing to users and creators, as witnessed recently with the Writers Summit organised by the Zambia Reprographic Rights Society and the celebration of the Africa Copyright and Collective Management Day by CISAC’s societies.

In Africa, CMOs administering rights for the music and text and image repertoires face similar challenges. CISAC and IFRRO are working closely together to support them in a number of ways and in particular by promoting the implementation of private copying and reprography levies as an effective, cost-saving and fair mechanism to compensate creators.

During the two-day meeting, all key aspects of collective licensing were thoroughly discussed by CISAC’s societies and by observers, including WIPO’s Carole Croella and IFRRO’s Pierre-Olivier Lesburguères. IFRRO presented on private copying and reprography levies in Africa and the current international agenda on exceptions and limitations.

IFRRO is thankful for the opportunity to meet with the CISAC African Committee and looks forward to continuing engaging on issues of common interest.