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IFRRO EG urges Austrian government to enable fair compensation for rightholders through levies

Submitted by jboyd on Wed, 06/03/2015 - 13:51

The IFRRO European Group meeting in Vienna adopted a statement in support of Literar-Mechana, which concluded by urging the Austrian government to:

  1. ensure that the compensation, which authors, publishers and other rightholders receive for the copying of their works under limitations in the Austrian copyright Act is fair, in conformity with the European Union Copyright Directive
  2. amend Section 42b of the Austrian Copyright Act, so as to clearly include any media, device, or equipment capable of making copies of copyright works
  3. refrain from substituting the existing levy system for private copying with a statutory tax, or a similar mechanism
  4. refrain from introducing a cap on the levy to be paid, to substitute the current mechanisms for the establishment of the levy through negotiations and recourse procedures

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