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IFRRO Makes Statement To The European Commission On Copyright In The Knowledge Economy

Submitted by admin on Wed, 07/21/2010 - 17:16

IFRRO notes in a submission to the European Commission's stakeholder consultation on the Green Paper on Copyright in the Knowledge Economy that the creation of new copyright works is indispensible to any aspect of the knowledge economy, including education and research. So is access to text- and image-based copyright works. IFRRO agrees with the Green Paper when it states that "A high level of copyright protection is critical for intellectual creation. Copyright ensures the maintenance and development of creativity in the interest of authors, producers, consumers and the public at large."

The current legislation on Community level offers sufficient flexibility and a workable equilibrium between the right of rightholders and the interest of users to address challenges posed by changing technological environments. Rather than assessing further normative initiatives on a European Commission (EC) level, focus needs to be on the application of the current ones and the deployment of solutions available. The EC should also develop communication campaigns to make users better aware of the value of copyright.