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IFRRO members around the globe marked the occasion of World IP day in a number of different ways

Submitted by veraliah on Mon, 05/27/2019 - 20:08

In Africa, in Côte d’Ivoire, BURIDA held a conference “Copyright and digital rights management: the future”, where topics such as the monetization of works on digital platforms, electronic payments of royalties and online works management were discussed.ipday2019-poster-landscape-e.png

Also in Africa, in Zambia, ZARRSO organised an event on the value of reading, aimed at children and in Tunisia, OTDAV also organised an event, where a number of artists received recognition for their contribution to the enrichment of the national cultural scene. 

In Europe, at Spain’s “CEDRO Awards” event, well-known journalist Pepa Fernández received recognition for her commitment to author’s rights. The president of CEDRO, Carme Riera in presenting the award to the winner, said that although the prize had no monetary value, it had a very high value nonetheless, as with it we recognise the importance of defending intellectual property rights and commitment to culture.

In India, IRRO co-organized a roundtable discussion about copyright. The Chair of IRRO, NK Mehra, spoke about current pressing issues in copyright and the importance of the work done by IRRO, in what is a difficult environment as a result of the precedent set by the Delhi University case. Presentations from the rest of speakers were followed by a lively panel discussion on issues such as piracy, online copyright challenges and misconceptions about fair use.

Finally, in Australia the Chair of the Copyright Agency, Kim Williams AM, wrote an opinion piece on the issues posed for copyright and copyright owners by big tech, on the Content Café. In his piece, he noted how attempts to make big tech accountable for copyright infringement were beginning to have an impact.

For further Information on other activities that took place around the world to mark World IP Day, please check WIPO's website