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IFRRO sends letter to the Ministry of Culture in Uruguay about legislative changes and the negative impact for authors and publishers

Submitted by veraliah on Mon, 06/20/2016 - 11:02
On Thursday 16 June, IFRRO addressed the Uruguayan Ministry of Culture, Ms María Julia Muñoz, through a letter where we asked her to look into recent proposed changes to the copyright legislation in her country. The changes concern wide exceptions for educative purposes without considering the possibility of legal access via a collective licence from the RRO, or directly from authors and publishers. IFRRO questions whether the proposed changes would be compatible with international conventions that Uruguay is party to. 
In its letter, IFRRO also emphasises the relevance of the income from secondary uses for authors and publishers and how relevant their work is for the cultural and economic development of nations. Income from licensing of secondary uses represents an important resource for authors and publishers, allowing them to create and invest more and to provide the world with cultural goods while at a local level offering each country its identity. 
The letter (in Spanish) can be read here