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IFRRO Statement to WIPO Assemblies of Member States 2016

Submitted by jboyd on Wed, 10/05/2016 - 16:08

IFRRO issued a statement to the WIPO Assemblies of Member States 2016 welcoming the entering into force of the Marrakesh Treaty and highlighting the important work of the Accessible Books Consortium – ABC – in improving and expanding the availability of accessible format copies of works.

In respect of library and education exceptions and limitations, as stated at several SCCR meetings, IFRRO favours an outcome from the SCCR discussions based on three key elements:

(i) the exchange of information and practices;
(ii) the offering of a demand driven WIPO-led technical assistance program; and thirdly
(iii) the use of the WIPO instrument government cooperation on legislative development. 

IFRRO also favours adding resale rights to the SCCR agenda.

Click here for the full statement.