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IFRRO Statements at 32nd WIPO SCCR 8-13 May

Submitted by jboyd on Wed, 05/18/2016 - 13:01

IFRRO made statements at the 32nd WIPO SCCR in relation to Library Exceptions - covering both crossborder accessibility and orphan works - and on Educational Exceptions.

Regarding Library Exceptions, IFRRO stated that orphan works and works out-of-commerce must only be reproduced or made available under criteria agreeable to rightholders, to ensure that this does not conflict with the normal exploitation of the work or prejudice the interest of the authors.  Similarly Cross-border uses should be allowed with the permission and under a license with the rightholders or their representatives, such as RROs (Reproduction Rights Organisations). 

IFRRO also recognised the importance of educational exceptions but emphasised that unremunerated exceptions must be limited to instances where primary and secondary markets cannot fulfil a market need efficiently and effectively.  It was also important to foster the local creation and publishing of works particularly in the educational field.  IFRRO concluded that educational institutions form a part of the ecosystem of published works. It is important that they are allowed and offered solutions to allow legal access to copyright works. The best way to arrange this is through direct licensing agreements with authors and publishers, combined with collective rights management by RROs.

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